We are high-tech pioneers with a passion for sensor solutions. Our systems support and protect military and security forces across the globe in air, sea and land missions. Our know-how in space and cyber applications gets our customers the decisive step ahead.


HENSOLDT Inc. - The Sensor Solutions House

Hensoldt Inc.’s core competence is providing U.S. defense customers with solutions that meet their most pressing challenges.

Established in 2017 in Tysons Corner, Virginia, Hensoldt Inc. provides U.S. customers with enhanced customer service and support from Hensoldt’s robust product portfolio. Through innovation & collaboration, Hensoldt Inc. delivers essential mission critical solutions for its customers – whether it be the American warfighter, Aviation or Homeland Security, by solving their most difficult challenges with products and solutions tailored to their needs, all the while making the world a safer place. 

Hensoldt Inc.’s portfolio includes various sensor technologies, that, when combined, allow detection capabilities to be substantially improved. Our main areas of activity include the protection of borders and critical infrastructures, air defense, mission management and aircraft self-protection, vehicle protection, signal intelligence and data links, as well as night vision devices, laser rangefinders and optronic targeting equipment.

We at Hensoldt Inc. pride ourselves on the exceptional technologies we provide for our customer’s defense and protection.  Our US-based team tailors our products for our customers, making them uniquely capable of solving their needs. Whether it’s an advanced, 3D naval radar for the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship, or a sophisticated laser rangefinder for the US Army’s M1A2 Abrams tank, we are guided by one single principle:  Solve our customer’s most difficult challenges.



Hensoldt Inc. is  a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions and continuously develop new products that support and protect military and security forces in the areas of air, sea and land missions. With a portfolio that includes various sensor technologies, that when combined, allow detection capabilities to be improved substantially, allowing our customers to stay one step ahead of the rest.


Where we operate

HENSOLDT Inc. is located right outside of Washington D.C. in Vienna, Virginia.

A subsidiary of HENSOLDT Holdings, HENSOLDT Inc. was established in 2017 to provide U.S. customers with enhanced customer service and support for Hensoldt’s robust product portfolio, and to strengthen its technological footprint in the U.S. 


Innovation Champions

Our pursuit of innovation is not only reflected in daily business, but also in the fact that we continuously encouraged our employees to develop new ideas for innovative solutions.

HENSOLDT's heritage companies have been pursuing innovative ideas which translate into technologies for the protection of forces across the globe and into a successful business for over 125 years.

Our Commitment

At HENSOLDT Inc., taking responsibility is part of our culture. HENSOLDT Inc. stands for integrity and for compliance with the rules and values on which we base proper corporate governance.

 It is vital for us to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our values, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner.

Quality Management

We adhere to the highest technical quality requirements and comply with national and international certifications as well as special security and confidentiality requirements.

Our main objective is to be a highly competitive, innovative, world-class company. Delivering highest quality standards is one of the major prerequisite for this.