Accurate information about the surroundings

A comprehensive overview of the situation around a platform or in the entire operational area is a prerequisite for the security of one’s own forces and their lethality. The combination of different sensor types, possibly with information from databases and the integration of quasi-real-time information via data links, opens up completely new possibilities, which we use to develop customer-specific solutions.

Detection of Obstacles and Enemy Fire

Your Safety is our Mission

Early detection of obstacles in the flight path is a precondition of the deployment of helicopters in degraded vision environments. Especially for hard to detect obstacles, such as cables and power lines or rising terrain in the helicopter’s flight path, pilots need the support of advanced sensing systems. Our state-of-the-art obstacle warning system is the optimal solution for helicopter operations of the armed forces to master such extreme conditions as very low altitude, high speed, poor visibility, danger from hostile fire or night operations with incomplete or unknown terrain information.

In addition, HENSOLDT is developing a detect and avoid radar for unmanned systems. It replaces the pilot’s perception by a technical system which outclasses the human eye regarding range, probability of detection and accuracy in order to avoid collision of aircraft (cooperative and non-cooperative). This will facilitate a safe integration of unmanned systems into the non-segregated airspace for the first time.

Data Fusion & Vision Enhancement

360° view - maps - overlay of information

By integrating real time sensor data, data base information and artificial intelligence extrapolation helicopter pilots always have a clear view of their surroundings. With the support of the latest maps (2D and 3D) and databases combined with overlays of, e.g. live camera feeds, or weather, situational awareness is increased immensely.

HENSOLDT’s modern technology is sensor enabled and operated with a 360° view.  Along with terrain and obstacle warnings, our technology allows for ease of visualization and control of third party avionics systems. With a variety of options to expand and evolve the capabilities, our systems offer a tremendous range of individual, mission-customized system configurations and mission tools to support the operation.

Situational Awareness from a Drone's Vantage Point

The bird in the sky

Drones are becoming ever more important to gather intelligence and for surveillance applications. They are easily carried and deployed and can give a situational picture within minutes of operation. This is especially useful for medium-range surveillance from the sky as drones can access areas conventional aircraft cannot.

From a drone's vantage points, events such as accidents, fires or large crowds can be effectivly surveilled, information gathered and sent to an operations center where actions can be coordinated accordingly.

Long Range Sensing Via Radar

Ultra-high resolution SAR imaging

In a complex world with unpredictable and constantly changing threats, having better information is the key to staying ahead and mitigating the threats. Our PrecISR airborne multi-mission surveillance radars increase the surveillance capabilities and mission efficiency of any special mission aircraft by collecting large amounts of data. This data is used to detect and classify the relevant threats faster and more efficiently, thus reducing the work-load of the aircraft crew and users on the ground.

Best Vision in all Weather Conditions

A clear view, day and night

Our stabilized EO/IR systems for helicopters and UAV platforms are very effective aerial observation tools. In many scenarios, the ability to monitor the area of interest from such an altitude is an indispensable factor in the security or safety equation. Our multi-sensor systems are best for observing major events and demonstrations, coastguard missions, search and rescue operations, and police actions.

Observers are afforded a clear overview in all climatic conditions; command and control staff can see all the details on sharp images. Threats can be recognized the moment they emerge, thereby enabling prompt intervention. Our systems can bee fitted to UAVs, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.